Free E- library – Is it Slowly Replacing the Library?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Do you remember the library period during school when all the students had to line up and go to the library and read a book? Have you recently been to the subscription libraries from where you could borrow a book for a fortnight or a month and read it in your house during your free time? Nowadays, it seems no one has the time or inclination to go to a library, browse through the shelves and pick a book of one's choice. These days, book lovers just want to go online and browse through the free e-books available online, download them to their laptop or mobile phone and read on the go.

You still can find the old libraries that have been the storehouse of knowledge and information for centuries. But, sadly the number of patrons is greatly reduced, thanks to the development of free e-library. Students and research scholars still go in search of these libraries as they not only provide a wide selection of books to choose from, but also a peaceful place for them to study for their exams. The biggest problem such a library faces it the immense maintenance. The books have to be constantly checked for white ants and mites. Also, a person should continually check to see if the books are returned to the right place after use. The biggest difficulty is maintaining and updating the inventory. Even though established libraries have a set routine for all these tasks, it takes a large amount of time and effort.

Many libraries have now entered the digital age with most records, inventories and membership details being computerised. Some libraries have also taken up the task of converting the old and precious copies into e-books in order to preserve them for eternity. Newspapers are scanned and the digital copy updated on the library's system, so any person who comes in search of some old information can easily get the details from the scanned images. By blending the modern technological developments with the age old practises, many of the libraries are entering the e-age. Adjusting to the changes is the best way to survive in the modern world, and understanding this fact, the libraries are updating their techniques.

If one looks at the way digitalisation has been replacing every traditional practise, we can assume that free e-library is soon going to replace a library. Though free e-books will be embraced by the people of the fast track world, the others who cherish peace and relaxed way of life will keep going back to these old libraries.

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